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Personal Use License

Our design files can be used to make your own finished physical product(s) to sell up to 100 sales. For extended use beyond 100 sales of physical product(s) please contact us for extended mass production licensing. However, we ask that our files themselves not be resold, shared, or distributed in any way. This includes modifying our designs and redistributing, selling, or sharing the design.

You are not purchasing the right to resell, share and/or claim copyrights to the digital file you purchased. StepFIVE40 retains full ownership of the file for resale purposes.


  • Use our digital resources for personal projects.
  • You may use these digital files for personal, non-commercial usage as a tool for producing your own finished product(s) to sell up to 100 sales.
  • You may only modify these designs to create a finished, physical product.
  • Use our digital resources in an unlimited number of personal projects. (note that mass produced products over 100 sales require a different license*)

You may NOT

  • Claim copyrights to the resources.
  • Resell, re-distribute, or share our digital resources as-is or where the resource can be extracted as-is. That includes sharing with friends and family. A personal use license is only valid for one person, so if you know someone who would also enjoy our resources, please direct them to the site where they can purchase their own copy.
  • Use our physical product photos and/or product descriptions and titles.
  • Use the resources in mass commercial production, defined as where you are working with a commercial production company to create something that will be mass produced and sold on a large scale. If you are a small business selling handmade/shipped physical items or downloadable digital items, you likely do not need a Mass Production License. If you think you may need a Mass Production License, please contact us with the details of your project for a price quote.